With spring break coming up, I’ve been completely spastic. So, today I finally got to pack.

I was only given the description of California (my destination) being 72 degrees with a  light breeze. When I asked how to dress for that my boyfriend Mihir responded with “You can wear whatever.”

HAHAHAHA what a joke telling a woman such a thing. So I decided to break out the shorts because Missouri has been awful these past few weeks and you never know when it will snow again. I tried to pack light knowing I could do laundry at his place if I really needed anything else.

But this whole, ‘”Wear whatever you want!” thing’ is not okay. I asked Mihir what I should wear to Disneyland and he responded with, “Clothes would be nice.” Shoot me now. I’m completely lost on this whole weather thing, but I’m sure everything will turn out fine.

I just need to keep the big picture in mind when thinking about the trip: having fun. I’m sure five years from now I won’t care what I wore or even remember it, but I need to focus on the adventures I’ll be experiencing with my best friend and his family. That’s what I’m going to remember.

To all of those stressed about spring break like I am: stop. Breath a little bit and enjoy the time you have right now and then think about the time you’ll be having in the future. I know I’m trying to.